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GRIT Capital Corporation is a financial media platform democratizing investment knowledge built by former +$100MM money manager Genevieve Roch-Decter. GRIT's mission is to democratize Wall Street insights held by the 1% and make them available to the other 99%. GRIT offers its subscribers detailed analysis on the stock market, with an attitude. Stripping away jargon and fluff - GRIT has a no-nonsense approach that its readers unapologetically love. Through special personalities, unique expertise and an incessant drive to deliver ROI, GRIT is building the next global media powerhouse. Ranked the #1 Free Finance newsletter on Beehiiv, the platform has over +2 million investors across their network (including newsletters, website, social media, creators and partners). We are now building a substantial media business with 4 core Pillars: Content, Community, Creators and Data.  


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